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Transcripts from Bob’s courses

At the reunion in September 2010 – it was announced that if transcripts of Bob’s groups were sent to us, they would be available on the Moore-Healing web site as soon as possible for everyone to read or download.

This is now a reality. Below you find several links which, when you click on them, will  lead you to the Moore-Healing server, from which you are welcome open or to download the entire PDF file. Please note that if you have a Windows PC, Adobe Reader has to be installed.

The first one comes from Gunnar Hatt, who has rewritten Antje Martin’s typewriter transcription, which she made from tapes recorded during an eight-weekend group on the subject of higher consciousness and healing.

Antje has approved of publishing her work at the web site, and we are indeed thankfull to her and to Gunnar Hatt for their magnificent work.

The second one is a full transcription of a course on sound and silence, sent to us by Bjørn and Susanne.

And the third is a transcript made by Claudio Manfredi of the group New Friends Group.

We have no information as to the dates of these events, but when they are available, they will be announced.

The three Norwegian group transcripts were given us by Gunnar Hatt, who has received them from a member of the Norwegian group. We are of course greatful for such gifts.

The two files, which are edited notes from New dimension group 1986 and International group 1985 are given us by Peter Limkilde. They are written in Danish.

Finally we are requesting everyone, who may have transcripts of similar kinds, and who whishes to share them on the web site, to sent them to us.

Please notice:

The written material on this site is protected by Danish and international law of copyright. Copying or downloading text for commercial or public use is therefore not allowed. But of course you are welcome, as a member to download and use the material for privat use.



The following 10 transcripts are thematic excerpts from several of Bob’s courses, written by Antje Martin. They are also a part of her type-written compendium.


The following text is written in Danish – The English titel is:  Bob Moore’s teaching about the significance of colours and their function


The following scripts are also written in Danish. they are edited notes from the New Dimension group June 1986 and International group 1985, given us by Peter Limkilde.

Bob Talks – Diverse

The file “Exercise with the Spine” is an exercise guided by Bob, including the music he used. The other files are short thematic excerpts from different groups

Prayer, Meditation and the Infinite 1996