Bob Moore

Bob in 2005

The two articles below are written by people with long connections to Bob Moore and his groups. Both of them have kindly contributed with these writings, which also are parts of their home sites. They are both written before Bobs death.

Written by: Bernadette van Boxel and Bert Schmitz.

Bob Moore is a spiritual teacher from Ireland who lives in Denmark.
During his 50 years of studying energy, more or less as a necessity because of his natural ability to see the human aura, Bob Moore developed a way of describing the anatomy of the etheric body which is unique in its simplicity, its principles and its method.
He presents the etheric body as an interface for the different human modalities:
physical, psychological and spiritual.
He describes the principles of energy movement and their relationship to physical health and illness.He shows how psychological structures influence the formation of energy patterns and how it reduces the natural ability of energy movement to circulate, and to vitalise the physical and psychological domains:
Basic to Bob’s teachings is the emphasis on love and respect for the individual person. The essence of his teachings relates to the life-process of every individual human being:
birth, life and death.
That is why Bob in his teaching encourages people to look at what in their life relates to the permanent and what to the impermanent aspects of this process.
His teaching aims to help people free themselves, so that they can participate and express themselves freely.Preparing for death, or leaving the body, as he prefers to say, takes place in the here and now:
it is an active process.To live in the present is to create the possibilities to expand your aura so as to integrate the spiritual aspect in daily life.

Written by: David Boadella. Founder of Biosynthesis.

Bob Moore
From the physical to the subtle body.
Many people are seeking for a better quality of life, looking for what they can perceive as a real feeling of security, and a deeper feeling of trust, so as to become more free from fear of the unknown and the future. Bob Moore believes that such perceptions can be contacted within oneself, using inner knowledge which we already possess, but do not know how to make use of.
The subtle body represents a part of ourselves which can become more influential, so that the integration between the physical and subtle bodies can bring us closer to appreciate our personal existence and open us to our essence. To sense or view the energy centres along the centre line of the body, and to make use of the colours found there, to become aware of the energy atmosphere around the physical body, and the interaction which takes place in such an atmosphere, and the effects it often produces between people even in a conversation, can prove to be helpful, and can teach us more about ourselves and our reaction to others, recognising that the blend between the heart and the head represents an expression of the soul.
Bob Moore was born in Ireland in 1928. After a primary school education, he studied at a Quaker College, from which he pursued a religious direction within the church. However a challenging personal experience caused a change in this direction, and he began to study electricity, eventually to become an electrical consultant, progressing into management in an electricity supply company.
During this period of profound personal experiences, at which time he had also developed an interest in human energy, he undertook a study of subtle anatomy, energy psychology, meditation and healing. In time he endeavoured to impart this understanding he had acquired to others in lectures given in various cities in the United Kingdom, as well as running education groups. After a group session at Stansted in England, a number of Danish people invited him to come to Denmark and teach. After some consideration he resigned from his position in the engineering company, and moved to Denmark to teach full time. There he met his present wife Anni, who was a personal secretary to the managing director of an engineering and sales company, while taking an intense interest in her own personal development. After a period Bob and Anni were married and the Psychic Centre (“APS”) was formed, where Bob has now worked for more than twenty years.
Although the centre was not actively advertising (except for a programme of activities), an increasing number of people from many countries found their way to the centre. These people included researchers, priests, ministers of religion, doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, and others interested in the well-being of other people and their own development.