LOVE, “Love is a law that operates in such a way, that you and I cannot dictate to it, we can only blend with it.” Bob Moore

This website is dedicated in loving memory of our dear friend and teacher Bob Moore who in the year 2008 died peacefully after 80 years on this planet.

His teaching which started in Denmark in 1974, touched hundreds if not thousands, through his many groups, which brought so many of us together.

Bob Moore had a very unique approach to spiritual teaching and healing through love, light and acceptance. This truly came to life in his warm and embracing nature which has influenced so many of us, who had the pleasure of attaining Bobs groups over the many years.

When Bob died we all felt a strong loss, and shortly after decided to make a website as a place of connection between former Bob students and also a repository for some of Bobs wisdom, through articles, books and a membership area.

Now 14 years later we still honor Bob Moore and his legacy, and even though many of Bobs students now also are reaching an age, we still feel that his spirit is just as vibrant as the first day, and also dare to say that his teachings are indeed most worthy of remembering and sharing.

With deep love and gratitude
The Moore-Healing Association board:
Charlotte Weppenaar Pedersen, Allan Weppenaar Pedersen
John Virkmann, Hans Linstad