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LOVE, “Love is a law that operates in such a way, that you and I cannot dictate to it, we can only blend with it.” Bob Moore


Welcome to the Moore-Healing web site

The Moore-Healing homepage was created as a forum for people who have participated in Bob Moore’s groups throughout the years. It is a site from which people may contact each other, and to that purpose there is a contact list. If you wish to be included on this list, please send us your name, address, e-mail and phone number by clicking the Member menu, and write a few words to tell us which groups you have joined and how you met Bob. Then we grant you access, provided of course that you fulfil the requirement of being a former member of Bob’s groups. Being included is cost-free.

There is also an opportunity to view pictures from a few of the first reunions, to read quotations from Bob Moore’s teachings as well as to download transcripts from some of his his courses. Furthermore you are welcome to download and listen to digitalised recordings from some of his groups as well as to download the only existing lecture on DVD given by Bob himself. All of this is available through the Shared menu. 

The homepage also has  the intent to publish on-line essays or articles with subjects related to Bob Moore’s teachings. Everyone with a former connection to Bob Moore’s groups is invited to contribute. It may be essays dealing with the area of energy, with spirituality, with development, with environmental issues or with political subjects. The most important requirement is that you are writing within the spirit of his teachings.

A few comments as to the more technical frames of your writing: Try to make the length of the article no longer than five normal A-4 pages. Furthermore you are requested to use Microsoft Word file format and to mail your article to one of the two web masters, John Virkmann or Hans Linstad. We, on our side, reserve the right to approve of each article. We prefer articles in English, but if that is too difficult, the Danish language will be accepted as well.

Membership also gives you the possibility to take part in the reunion, which is a forum for former Bob students who wish to join together in meditation and activities related to Bob’s teaching. This reunion takes place once every year three days in September and is located in Ringkøbing.

The purpose of the reunion is to give the participants the opportunity to get inspiration, to exchange ideas and share the special experience and energy that was created by Bob through the many years he was living in Resenbro and Ringkøbing. To read more, please activate the annual Reunion page in the menu, from which you will be able to sign in to the reunion as well.

Finally – Moore-Healing Association has published a book, an English and a Danish version of “Conversation with Bob Moore”

The English version can be bought here


The Danish version can be bought here.

We wish you heartily welcome to the Moore-Healing Web Site.

John Virkmann, Hans Linstad, Charlotte Pedersen and Allan Weppenaar Pedersen – board members of the Moore-Healing Association.

Please note: Only persons who have joined Bob’s groups are accepted as members on the contact list or as participants in the reunion.