Quotations from Bobs teachings

This page contains quotations from Bob’s groups, collected or picked up by members throughout the years.

Wisdom is awareness and in itself doesn’t need knowledge, just the ability to feel.
Spiritual guidance.
If there is such a thing as spiritual guidance and it is for your good, then you have got to allow that to prove itself to you. Don’t do anything more about it.
Often we dismiss children’s activities as being childish, but in reality children have a much stronger contact with energy, with sensitivity, with so many things that are connected with their own abilities, and we dismiss them as having no significance or as being just childish play. If we would pay attention to what children are doing, we could learn a lot.
All this area of expression of the child is not only important to the child, it is also showing a lot towards that child’s abilities express later in life. This area of abilities shows immediately when the child is born right around the child’s body; it is something they bring with them.
In working with fear it is not a push through the fear that is important, it is the softness of approach. You will never get through fear if you push your way through it; you have got to allow fear to come to you.
It is to me so very important that you get an understanding of what you believe yourself, rather than hold on to something that has been given to you by your parents or teachers. When you have established a belief, have a look at how you are using it in your every day life. Belief is a building structure within yourself. It gives you the means to trust what you are doing
Hara Centre
The hara centre is the centre of observation
“Healing is related to the Buddhi consciousness, and psychic development is related to the astral level”
“The reality of healing is based on trust in higher realities and allowing that to move oneself”
“Medicine is treating an illness, not the person”
“You can be lying in bed and help healing the world”
“Healing is absence of fear”.
Healing is a process of becomming more real.
Healing is possible when our thoughts, our feelings and our actions get together.
Strength isn’t physical at all, but comes from a state beyond the physical.
We must always remember that in anything that we are doing there has to be a joy if it is to become real, that the problems are not us as such, the problems are structured or created because of our inability of appreciating ourselves as ourselves.
You cannot solve a problem from the level of the problem.
“All senses combine with the sense of touch.”
“In reality the physical senses are sensing through the etheric, where the outlet is through the physical body.”
Relaxing is always expansion.
Only by accepting is it possible to do anything about it. Take destructive thoughts in your open heartchacra without judging them. Admit them, no matter what they express. Accept them in love.Learn to accept people how they are. Not be trappend in thinking of right or wrong. Try to reach the top of the triangel. You must be open to receive and accept experiences. One experience leads to another.
When you move from one dimension to another you have to pass darkness. Darkness takes away what you not longer need.
Crystals is the first formation created by the coming together of light and sound.
Light and the present.
Stop searching for light and accept what is happening with you at any point of time. When you are placing so much emphasis on something that you are aiming for, you are missing a lot of other things, and the reality is to remain in the present and accept everything that is going on in the present, so you are not drawn away form yourself into complications of other people’s wants or desires.
Spiritual Development
“One of the greatest difficulties in development is to get people to look at themselves.

No matter what you have done in your life, it is there, it is yours, no matter what thoughts you have, they are there, and they are yours. You can’t escape them, but you can work with them.”

“To understand yourself means working on yourself, and working on yourself means going deeper, looking at different states of consciousness, the different degrees of contact that you have with yourself, and, above all, learning to love yourself.”

“We must always remember that in anything that we are doing there has to be joy if it is to become real.”

“Every part of your development relates to other people, not just an introvert you. We have something that can bring us together to give healing to the world.”

“Development is not a set of techniques: the reality of development is feeling, feeling for what you are doing”

“Development is a consciousness of honesty”

“Development can never be a selfish structure”

“Humbleness is the foundation stone of development”

“That’s what development is: it is enjoyment”

In development nothing is selfish. If you are selfish, you are not in development.
The real security is what is honest in yourself
Realities are on many levels, many depths
“How can you do something with love if you are rejecting yourself?”
“Your contact to love is the best protection you can have.”
“You cannot force forgiveness. It comes when you are ready.”
We base all the things we teach on a law ,and that law is love .
The way to your soul goes through your feelings.
About practicing the meditations and exercises:
You must be dedicated to it and give priority to it, or you won’t gain from it but leave yourself exposed to other people’s thoughts and your own dense emotional states, which will keep you moving back to those states.
The laws of life:
The law of truth, the law of attraction, the law of cause and effect, the law of love –  they are part of the free movement of energy and we must let them work in our lives.   Love is a law that operates in such a way that you and I cannot dictate to it, we can only blend with it. Truth is one of the most essential factors.  No one can say they have the ultimate in love or in truth.  A lot of people waste energy to change the things they cannot change and not having the courage to change the things they can When you allow yourself to go into stillness you are part of everything – a nourishment
You can never protect yourself by closing yourself off: the reality of protection is to allow your energy to move outward; when you can do that, you have control over your energy, and that’ s the surest way to protect yourself.
ChangeThere are many little aspects we can change in our life.  All together it can make a big difference.
The Spine
The spine is the pathway to the soul
1.     ”Prayer is giving the means of attuningMeditation is giving the means to listen.”
2. Prayer is a means that can produce strength if you use it correctly.
Control is one of the vital factors in the whole aspect of prayer or meditation. Control is not something that functions through the physical brain as such, although the physical brain is a channelling of what there is beyond that. Control is spiritual will. And spiritual will has nothing to do with the physical will force of doing things.
3.  Praying is related to what you feel is a need.
4.  Prayer has to be something that is constant, something that gives you at least an everyday attunement. Attunement that you can accept as something that is there that can at some stage or eventually give you strength, upliftment, purpose in your life.
5. Perhaps prayer can bring you into “the secrete place within yourself”, a place that is totally yours.
6.     If prayer has got any value, it has got to play a role in your life. A role that relates to what you are trying to find as a higher or deeper aspect in yourself. So it has got to be something that relates to your feeling the need for strength, or support, or to overcome loneliness, to overcome fear.  – Prayer like everything else evolves.
AngerAnger is a cover up for something else
The things that are most important are what you feel with your heart, not  what you see with your eyes.
Giving is what it’s all about.
Sensitivity is not to see another person’s Aura. It is, to be aware what is happening within yourself and in the other person and expressing this in a real way.
Resurrection is what we all can have, in the sense that when we go through suffering and when we can recognize what the suffering has been and what it has been about, then we are resurrected. We are resurrected beyond the suffering so we are brought into another structure
There are two parallel  levels, one is emotional, one is quality, stay in quality
If there has to be a change there has to be joy.

No diffence between me and you

Life is a search to find our closer connection with GOD

There is no death, only a change of awareness, a change of cosmic address.