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Anne Sølvig Schneider
none Address: Stennehøj Alle 230
Zip Code: 8270
City: Højbjerg
Country: Denmark

Phone: 2628 0121
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Skype: anne.solvig.schneider1
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It began with a dream, about "someone named Bobbi Moore".. In 1982. I dit not know who and wot that man I dreamed about was, at that point of time! But one thing I knew, was that combined with the dream about Bob, there also was a wery deep feeling of love, and a weary worm feeling of "the place of real home" in my heart and a lot of great accepting/ peace. Somehow, after that dream, I meet different people, who told me about Bob Moore and I deeply realised, that I nesesary had to contact Bob, as I dreamed about! After meeting him, I realized that here was my "family" my spiritual family. In the beginning, Being a body-therapist, I started to attend Bob Moores groups in 1983, and every year since, 2 ore 3 times pr year. Since then, my work has been based on the concepts and thinking put foreward from inside the framework of this courses. This I am combining with bodytherapi, healing, the work with dreams, spiritual understanding, all so it is combinding  body, mind and spirit. In this way, I have found a gratifying basis for development for my self as well for individuals. Anne Sølvig Schneider.

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