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Eldiet de Groot-Toepoel
none Address: Boomberglaan 14
Zip Code: 1217 RS
City: Hilversum
Country: Netherlands

Phone: +31 35 628 07 32
Cell phone:
Yahoo Messenger:
Website: http://www.healingenmeditatie.nl

Centre for Healing and Meditation
For those who want to bring light into their daily reality and who wish to make a contribution to a world where peace and love are available for everyone.

In 1987 I was introduced to healing and meditation as developed by Bob Moore. Since then I have been learning from his Dutch students and attended Bob’s groups. From 1990 onwards I have been working at my own healing practice, integrating it with my experience as a psychologist and a teacher. I work in the Netherlands, solely using the Dutch language.

In the Centre for Healing and Meditation I work with individuals, couples and groups, guiding them through personal and spiritual growth. As well as that I give supervision to professionals and students who work with people on a day-to-day basis. In my practice I use meditation, giving healing, energy work, bodywork, dreams, exercises in relaxation and breathing, music and colour, stones and crystals and dialogue. Although in groups we focus on the individual process, the contribution of everyone is of interest to the learning process of all, and feeds the group as a whole.

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