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Ulla and Erik Sandersen
none Address: 6 Raglan Court
Zip Code: 3095
City: Research
Country: Australia

Phone: 03 9437 2438
Cell phone: 0400 943 880
Yahoo Messenger:
Website: http://www.starbridge.com.au

Over the past 30 years Ulla & Erik Sandersen have established themselves as the psychologist and counsellor pair that can get you results.

Their down to earth eclectic approach developed from their own journey, having tried and tested many of the most important schools in the field of self-development and transpersonal psychology since the late 70's.

Ulla being the psychologist (M.A.Psych) of the two, initially working traditionally; she knew from the very start that there's more to your personality than your childhood; so she joined forces with husband Erik and together they founded Starbridge Centre.

Being well established in the field of art therapy, Ulla has been applying her artistic and intuitive talents to both paint meditative paintings that have proven themselves powerful tools for transformation and upliftment in our group work and to run her own art therapy workshops.

Through this journey they have both learnt how each individual is different in much deeper ways than most psychotherapeutic schools acknowledge, and of the fragility and immense strength of the human psyche.

And through the many years of practicing as a professional with the different tools and with just about every psychological issue, Erik, who started of as a teacher and lecturer and now often finds himself more and more in the role of spiritual mentor, has developed an almost uncanny ability to see through to the core issues and devise powerful, yet gentle ways of helping transform the issues, allowing you to move forward in your life at the pace at which you are ready.

Over the last 10 years Ulla & Erik have also conducted accredited diploma courses in Counselling and Psychotherapy, accredited certificate courses in Spiritual Healing, Working with Dreams, The Intuitive Use of Music, Death and Dying and Transpersonal Counselling all of which are available online on our website via correspondence as well.

Ulla og Erik Sandersen
6 Raglan Court Research 3095 Victoria Australia
Phone (61 3) 9437 2438 Mobile 0400 943 880

We were closely associated with Bob Moores groups for around 10 years right up to our migration to Australia in 1987, and therefore find it natural to appear here among like minded, to hopefully inspire and be inspired.

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