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Kirsten Borum
none Address: Bille Brahes Vej 10
Zip Code: 1963
City: Frederiksberg C (Copenhagen)
Country: Denmark

Phone: 35 34 09 11
Cell phone:
Skype: kirstenborum
Yahoo Messenger:
Website: http://www.kirstenborum.com

I attended each year 2-3 groups with Bob Moore from 1980 - 1999, when Bob stopped his teaching.

To me meditation, healing, and dreams are tools for our personal and spiritual growth. I teach energy work according to Bob Moore, and I am particularly focused on the group energy generated in development groups. To strengthen this I have composed special group meditations. Some of them incorporate strong symbols from the dreams of the participants. Others involve structuring of energy patterns between them.

In dream therapy I help my clients understand the messages in their dreams and have them re-enter some of them in order to intensify the feelings or letting the dreams evolve further. The dream work is followed by healing performed according to the teaching of Bob Moore. I use the dreams as an "energy map", to guide me in my healing work. The dream work inspires me to give my clients energy or self-healing exercises to do at home to support and accelerate their process.


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